Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Freezer Appliance Repair Whether one has a small freezer for college, a chest freezer, or a large upright freezer they all require care and maintenance. The concept of how a freezer works isn’t too difficult to grasp. The cooling system is pretty much the same regardless of what kind of freezer a consumer has. The freezer compressor will apply pressure onto the refrigerant, usually freon, and moves it into the condenser. Once inside the condenser, the refrigerant will go through the coils and undergo a change from vapor to liquid once the heat is lost. This is why the back of fridges are typically warm. The cooler refrigerant absorbs the heat and turns back into vapor. It then returns to the compressor for the start of the process. The parts that keep the process of cooling working, like anything else mechanical, need to be maintained. It’s always good to read the manual, and often there are small problems which can be addressed without having to call a highly trained professional. Freezer repair, like most appliance repairs, usually isn’t too difficult for the common problems. If the freezer is running hot (warmer than normal) it may be because of a bad seal on the door or rotten seals. If the freezer is running but not freezing anything, there might be dust/debris/ice on the coils, it may be clogged with ice, and more. These problems can be fixed by letting the freezer get to room temperature, using a hairdryer to melt ice, or move debris/dust. One may have to vacuum the back of the freezer by the condenser fan to make sure that there isn’t a significant buildup of dust right behind the fan. If the freezer is leaking, make sure it’s level, check the water supply line, and finally clear the drain tube. Occasionally the fix is as simple as turning up the temperature dial. When there is a coolant issue, then it’s time to call the professionals.


Freezer Repair

The majority of fixes in this area aren’t easy (require more than the typical amount of know how) and are potentially hazardous. One can attempt to fix these issues, but it’s much safer to just call a professional, they will know if the freezer is low on freon etc.

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